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A unique place in Switzerland.

The Zen Garden in Aigle offers its visitors an invitation to immerse themselves in Asian culture

Nestled in a jewel in the heart of the mountains of Valais, the largest Zen garden in Switzerland is an invitation to travel to the different countries of Asia according to their cultural characteristics. Passing through the heavy granite "door of the moon", framed by its Chinese dragons chasing evil spirits, you enter an enchanting place designed to invite visitors to dive into the heart of Asia.


It is a haven of peace that was born from the passion of photographer Benoit Lange for Asia. During his travels he gleaned memories, collected rare pieces. His wish, through this shared garden, is to share his passion for Asia by inviting you to an initiatory journey.

The garden is constructed as a spiritual journey along the life cycle, starting from old age and going backwards through the stages of life to childhood. For this, the garden designers have combined three environments: the plant world, with lush vegetation made up of hundreds of plants, mostly of Asian origin; the mineral kingdom is represented by stones integrated into the landscape with respect for balance, emphasizing the qualities of the various Asian minerals; the aquatic environment with the pond as well as the small canal that accompanies the visitor throughout his visit.


Starting from the pond of wisdom, populated by Florida turtles, fish and amphibians, we go back in time through the dry river, which symbolizes the inevitable periods of doubt in the course of life. passing close to the spirit world and climbing the hill of meditation, a short break near the Indonesian tea pavilion invites us to discover the art of the tea ceremony. Let us admire in passing the Chinese miniature village reproduced according to an ancient tradition. After the awakening mountain and the silver fish stream, which symbolizes the period of adolescence, the visit will end at the kingdom of childhood in the cascade of serenity. By crossing the wheel of life the visitor will leave with nostalgia this world of serenity with often the intention to return there to another season to discover a new aspect.

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